LETTER: Support Stittsville for Kraft Hockeyville 2015

Stittsville is the best community to live, work and play in. The evidence is all around you.

Take a drive down Stittsville Main Street and see all the local history and businesses, go to Brown’s Independent for a couple of things and come out an hour later as you stopped and talked to all your neighbors. Go to Holy Spirit Church and pray with your community and go to the Stittsville & District Community Centre (better known as the Johnny Leroux Community Centre) on any given day and see kids from any age group hard at work in practice or the stands full of parents clutching their coffee cups trying not to spill them as they cheer on their child, the chant of Go Rams Go! echoing through the oldest arena in Stittsville. On most days Johnny Leroux himself is there shaking hands with the kids and talking to parents

This is Stittsville. My Stittsville. Our Stittsville.

This weekend I decided to enter Stittsville into the Kraft Hockeyville 2015 search. I registered along with almost 900 other communities across Canada to win the title as Kraft Hockeyville 2015 and the $100,000 prize to upgrade the JLA so it is hockey ready for generations of kids to come.

First to jump on board was my wife Cindy who is a proud hockey parent as well and Shad Qadri who even before he became our city councillor ran a small business on Stittsville Main Street, and David Joseph who is not only done countless hours of coaching at the rink but also is the Director of Player Development for the Stittsville Rams Hockey Organization

At this time I ask everyone to share this link on Facebook or via e-mail and use the hashtag when posting on Twitter and other social media and talk, talk about what Stittsville, the JLA and hockey means to you, to your street, your neighborhood, your community. There is no voting yet, this is just to show Kraft Hockeyville that how passionate we are about hockey. After all we already have Ville in our name, lefts put the word hockey before it!

Use the custom hashtag #khv_stittsvilleramshockey when posting on Twitter or Instagram

I feel if we talk about this enough we can set ourselves apart from the 900 other communities and have a shot of cracking the top 10. The top 10 cities will be announced on March 14.

If we don’t make the top 10 or win, we did win. We shined a light on something we already knew, we are a great, strong caring community and hockey is what we do!

Domenic Fiorenza


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