LETTER: Thanking good Samaritans in Stittsville

On the night of December 1 my wife, while walking our dog,  slipped on the ice in the parking lot at A. Lorne Cassidy elementary school.    Two women who were either attending an event at the school or were out walking found my wife unconscious, lying on the ground in the freezing rain.

These two wonderful women provided care for my wife while she regained consciousness,  helped her to the portable, where the school custodian opened the classroom so they could get out of the rainy weather, and they called for an ambulance and paramedics.  These two women also were able to locate me at our home and then stayed with my wife and myself until the paramedics arrived, rendered assistance and took my wife to the hospital.

Unfortunately neither the paramedics or I took the names of these two good Samaritans and I’m hoping that they or someone who knows them can share this message of gratitude.

They say Christmas is the time of giving and these two women exemplify that message.  They gave up their own time, provided care and comforted my wife while standing outside on a cold rainy night.  They did this not for a friend or relative but for a complete stranger who was in need.

Our gratitude to these two women cannot be understated.

We would also like to thank the school custodian for his assistance and to the three paramedics who provided the onsite care and who stayed with us at the hospital until the emergency doctor took over.

Happy Holidays to all.

Steve Matjanec & Joanne Bree


7 thoughts on “LETTER: Thanking good Samaritans in Stittsville”

  1. I know one of the ladies who assisted your wife. I will let her know about your letter. I am not sure if she would want her name known so I will ask first.

    1. Thank you Yvette. I completely understand if our good samaritan wants to maintain her privacy.
      Glen Gower at Stittsville Central has my email address if she wants to send a message.

    1. Lyn as I indicted in my reply to Yvette, we understand the need for privacy. If you can pass on our message of thanks we would be grateful.

  2. Wonderful people. Did your dog stay with your wife when she fell or did it run off or home? I was just wondering what happened to it. I walk my dogs at night and I could see me being in your wife’s shoes and on top of a potential concussion we would have two lost dogs to find too.

    1. Our two Good Samaritans looked after our dog too. A potential tragedy that was avoided and another reason we are so grateful.

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