LETTER: Time to fix Terry Fox-Cope intersection

Aftermath of a collision at Cope and Terry Fox

(Peter Vukovic and his family were on their way to church on Sunday morning, when they were involved in a serious collision at the intersection of Terry Fox Drive and Cope Drive near the Walmart. He posted this photo and open letter to Stittsville councillor Shad Qadri on Facebook. We’re republishing it with his permission. He says his family is shaken, but were not seriously injured. “Thankfully, my daughter asked my wife to sit in the back seat with her for some reason. And everyone was belted. Guardian Angels at work.”)

Councillor Shad Qadri I am begging you to please petition the city to make the intersection of Terry Fox and Cope Drive a fully controlled intersection.

After seeing many near misses and having a few of my own at that intersection over the years, my luck ran out this morning on the way to church. My whole family was transported to hospital by ambulance and the driver of the other car was transported as well.

This is a really bad intersection and somebody will be killed there if you don’t do something about it. If I had decided to take my truck to church instead of the car, the lady that turned left in front of me surely would have been killed.

There should be no right on red from Cope onto Terry Fox and there should be no southbound traffic allowed to turn left onto Cope while the northbound traffic has a green light.

Thankfully my family and myself only seem to have whiplash and really bad headaches. I’m hoping no more serious injuries manifest themselves. The police officer that came to see us in hospital told me the other driver was OK, I’m hoping that is the case.

Hearing my wife and little girl screaming in the car after the accident is something that nobody should have to experience. I pray that nobody reading this ever has to.

Peter Vukovic


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