LETTER: “We thought it was an earthquake”

Re: NOTEBOOK: Mystery blasting could be from nearby quarry

I am a new resident with a house on Carp Road near Rothbourne. Two weeks ago, the house shook and we thought it was an earthquake. However it was too short and no after shocks.

Last Friday I noticed that the drains in the house were making strange noises. On the weekend, the kitchen sink would not empty so I went downstairs and it looked like the septic tank was backing up.

On Monday I had the septic tank emptied and it was determined that septic bed and tank were working properly. There seemed to be a blockage between the septic tank and the house.

A plumber tried to snake the line but it did not work so we called in a rooter company to try and break what seemed to be a big blockage. It was them determined that the line seemed broken so we dug it out. It turns out that the joint between the septic tank and the line had come apart. A collar which held everything together had come off. The system was working well all summer so it was not due to the line freezing and we had not driven anything in the back yard.

The only logical explanation is the ground shaking from the blast. We have put on a bigger collar to prevent further issues but it cost me $1000 along with all of the lost time, work and not being able to use the plumbing in the house for three days

Michael Arnkvarn
Carp Road, Stittsville


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