LETTERS: Lamenting the loss of the Stittsville News

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We’ve been deluged with comments and letters from our readers about the demise of the Stittsville News.  Here is a sample of what you’ve been saying.  The last edition will be published January 12, 2018.

I have fond memories of the paper as a young resident and personally. My first memories of the paper was having my picture taken by John Curry performing in baton, figure skating and tap dance, starting in pre-K era. Also, I can remember being in Kindergarten and Grade 1, seeing John C. come onto Stittsville Public grounds, wearing his typical, dress pants, dress shirt, tie and Mr. Dressup cardigan. I’d run up … “Hello Mr. Curry!”

I’d get to know John and his mum, Mary, personally when Dad (the other John) and I would spend Hallow’s Eve going around the village taking pictures of the kids. Me with my clipboard, paper, pen and flashlight – Dad with his camera. And when done, we went over to the Curry’s have a warm drink and go over our evening work with John and his mum, Mary.

My first real full-time summer job was working for John and Mary. Taking phone calls, writing down ads and giving rate information for ads.

Fond memories….
Deborah Brummell

Missing John and John already! We could ALWAYS count on one of them covering even the smallest interest story. Thanks for making everyone in the community feel so darned important when we saw our names in print and our smiling faces in “The Paper”! My Riding Hat is off to you both!
Grits McMullen, Sunset Farms

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Stittsville’s local newspaper. Thank you for the many year’s of dedicated work John Curry and John Brummell.
Ellen Faulkner

John Curry and John Brummel built the paper and it grew with the population covering practically every facet of Stittsville and environs stories and lives. If you wanted anything known John Curry was the go-to guy to get it printed. He always did a fantastic job covering the Goulbourn Township Historical Society and the Goulbourn Horticultural Society events and meetings. We will certainly miss this coverage. John’s dedication and professionalism will be sorely missed in our community and must be recognized for all the amazing coverage throughout the years.
Lesley McKay

Every week for fifty years I have enjoyed reading The Stittsville News, keeping in touch with the pulse of our community. This is such an incredible loss.
Carolyn Clark

A sad day for Stittsville residents and friends. while I am sure there were others involved, my thanks do go to the two Johns. It seems that I know each of them as friends even though we have never met in person.
Cliff Board

I will miss this newspaper. I always read the entire paper and over the years followed the kids sporting events, high school graduations and enjoyed all the news from around the community. A community newspaper keeps a community together. So sad to see our local newspaper disappear.
Joan Savoie

Oh this is awful! I clearly remember the ‘two John’s ‘ being present at almost every event of my childhood: from my grade five graduation, to my first job as a “Pumpkin Greeter” at Saunders Farm, to stories about MES closing, and the impact on our community

I remember the first time I saw John Curry taking pictures at an assembly at Stittsville Public School, with my oldest two presenting. What an amazing ‘circle of life’ type moment: Stittsville News as a part of my childhood, and a continuing part of my adventure as a parent.

My Mom saved everything, and recently gave me a box of memories that includes so many newspaper clippings of the events of my childhood: every single one captured by the Stittsville News and their devoted team.

If nothing can be done to save the Stittsville news, let’s at minimum have some kind of recognition and ceremony to mark the incredible contributions these men, and their peers, have made to our community.

I will sorely miss this institution. A memory of the small town Stittsville that was.

Jessica Sultan


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  1. ‘Business is business’ as they say, and big business has no heart; the only thing that matters is the bottom line. Get rid of the little guy and make another dollar. The Stittsville News is/was a well loved newspaper. What do we do now for local news? Do you think Bell Media will be rushing to Main Street to get the latest Stittsville gossip?

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