LINKED: Arcadia residents say Campeau Drive extension can’t come soon enough

Here’s a story I wrote for about how delays in extending Campeau Drive to Huntmar is affecting residents in Arcadia:


When Daniel Kucherman bought his house in 2014, he was promised Campeau Drive would be extended within two years to give his isolated subdivision of Arcadia a direct connection to the rest of town.

But, after years of delay, that vital extension has not even begun.

“In Arcadia, we cannot walk to buy a bag of milk, but we can walk to buy an expensive handbag from the (Tanger) outlet mall. Basic amenities should come first,” Kucherman said in an email last month.

Arcadia is a small neighbourhood in Kanata North, a stone’s throw from the Tanger Outlets and Canadian Tire Centre. The only road connection is via Huntmar Drive, but a Campeau Drive hookup has been in the works since 2012. It was supposed to be finished by now but Minto, the developer, hasn’t even constructed a stormwater pond necessary to build a bridge over the Carp River and connect the road.

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