LINKED: Sacred Heart student recovers from stroke after hockey hit

Here’s a story from Devyn Barrie at Stittsvegas:

A rough hit during a hockey game resulted in a stroke less than 24 hours later for one Sacred Heart Student.

Ben Harford, 17, was discharged from CHEO last Wednesday following a one week stay. He said on Saturday he is in high spirits and feels fine, save a few headaches.

“There’s no permanent damage,” he said, “… Back about a day ago I got all my vision back, that was the last thing that was holding me back.”

“When I was playing hockey, my head got hit in a funny direction,” he recounted,” And a little artery in the back of my head got cut … I didn’t know it at the time but there was a blood clot forming in the back of my head.”

Full story here…


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