LINKED: Stittsville MPP apologizes after crude remarks at Carp fundraiser

MPP Jack MacLaren
MPP Jack MacLaren

The Toronto Star reported today on “crude and vulgar” comments that Jack Maclaren made about Karen McCrimmon at a recent fundraising event:

“A Progressive Conservative MPP made “crude and vulgar” comments to a woman who is his federal Liberal counterpart in an Ottawa Valley riding, embarrassing her and many in the audience at a “men’s night” cancer fundraising event attended by 350 people. Jack MacLaren cracked a coarse “joke” about MP Karen McCrimmon…

MacLaren, the MPP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, had been among guests at the head table onstage. He was invited to read off greetings as the riding’s representative at Queens Park when he took the mic. McCrimmon was among a number of women volunteers serving at the event in Carp.

According to people at the March 24 event who later spoke to the Star, MacLaren three times tried to summon McCrimmon to the stage. When she eventually joined him, he put his arm around her shoulder.

He “put her on the spot” over the impact on farmers of federal Liberal capital gains tax policy. He made a comment about her body, then shifted to stand behind the MP, saying, “I’m not getting behind you.” He then read off a joke about McCrimmon and her husband that referenced their sexual relationship, according to several who attended the fundraiser at the Carp Agricultural Hall.”

The Citizen published a follow-up story later today:

Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP Jack MacLaren’s latest exploit is dragging his own MP up on stage at a cancer fundraiser organized by the Carp Fair people so he could humiliate her, first airing a political grievance and then telling a dirty joke about her and her husband. A joke Brown had to condemn Wednesday as “unequivocally inappropriate,” unacceptable to the party.

“There is no room for misogynist comments in our caucus and party,” Brown said via a spokeswoman. “The member acknowledges this and has apologized.”



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