LINKED: Teen charged in Fernbank Road crash that killed 2 other teens

From CBC Ottawa:

An 18-year-old man is facing dangerous driving and criminal negligence charges after a June crash that left two young women dead and another seriously injured.

Ottawa police determined that Chris Galletta of Ottawa lost control of the black Chevrolet Cobalt he was driving as he was trying to pass another vehicle.

Many people are jumping to conclusions about what happened the night of the crash, said Galletta’s lawyer Mark Ertel.

“(Galletta) is looking forward to getting a chance to proving he hasn’t done anything wrong,” Ertel said. “And when the thing goes to court and the full story comes out, people who jumped to conclusions are going to be surprised about what the real story is about what happened that night.”

“He feels terrible about what happened to his friends and any kind of criminal activity would be totally out of character for him,” said Ertel.

Galletta’s next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 15.

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  1. We were shocked to hear about the accident and so sorry for all the young people involved, and their families and friends. We’ve driven past the crash site several times since the accident, and I would like to make a few comments. The gravel shoulder is narrow there, and the ditch so deep and narrow that any car going over the edge would almost definitely flip. Anyone going onto the gravel can find it hard to control a car, whatever the reason for going on it, let alone a relatively inexperienced driver. I think we should examine the way we build our roads in the country. Ditches are necessary in wetland areas, but they should be constructed and protected to prevent such serious outcomes.

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