LIVE: Election news and results for Carleton

2015 election signage "VOTE" at St. Stephen school

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We’ll be updating this page throughout the night with Stittsville and Carleton riding election news.

As of 1:14am
Party Candidate Votes Percentof Votes
Green Party Deborah Coyne 1,932 3.3 %
NDP-New Democratic Party Kc Larocque 3,632 6.1 %
Conservative Pierre Poilievre 27,762 46.9 %
Liberal Chris Rodgers 25,813 43.6 %
Total number of valid votes:   59,139  

Polls Reporting: 195 of 195 (100.00 %)

Voter Turnout: 59,139 of 73,418 registered electors (80.55 %) — does not include electors who registered on election day.


2 thoughts on “LIVE: Election news and results for Carleton”

  1. While I’m thrilled to see the Cons decimated, I hope that the Conservatives will re-invent themselves as progressives vs the reform they’ve been. Think Joe Clark, open, interactive, welcoming, reasonable.

    What is clear from the numbers is that people have voted very strategically. The NDP for instance, according to every single poll, were projected to do much better than this. Not only did the Greens suffer from this as usual, the NDP has too. I don’t think that is a good thing. Mulcair is a formidable leader and truly has a lot to offer. I’m not happy to see him with such a minority of seats, and think it’s not justified. I really hope he maintains his vocal position, and I value him much more than the amount of seats he represents.

    Democracy is broken. We really must finally address this for once and for all. We really have to make a major push to replace the first-past-the-post system with proportional representation. Not everyone might understand what this is about, and that needs to change through better awareness. I feel that the Greens (and absolute jewels like Deborah Coyne, she in particular is really something else), and NDP (and the very motivated KC) ought to have a much stronger voice than what the number of seats are giving them. This is not reflecting what people on average actually want. This electoral flaw has been an issue for a very long time, and it never seems to get fixed. I seriously hope that perhaps with a greater public push, this will finally, finally, change.

    That said, congratulations to the Liberals, and to Chris Rodgers for winning the Carleton riding (to my surprise actually).
    But again, I hope the Conservatives will become progressive again, and will keep the Liberals on their tows. There are pros and cons to majority governments, but one thing is different now though. If decisions go against the grain of Canadians, I don’t think the Liberals would be as unresponsive to discussions as the Conservatives have been…

    End of day, I feel that voters that support the the other brands, need to be heard and understood when this new government moves forward. What I would like to see, is unity and understanding, and thoroughly weighed off decision making, even though there will be disagreements. End of day, I’m cautiously optimistic, and I’ll be measuring success by unity, and not just rule.

    1. It looks like I was too hasty about the Carleton riding. Pierre Poilievre won this riding, which is what I expected, given that this riding is traditionally overwhelmingly Conservative. Congratulation to Pierre.
      It would be nice to see Pierre make a move that will leave people a sense of unity. Pierre is not Harper and has to respect that Harper is not what works for the people, and has an opportunity to help evolve his party.

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