Goldie Ghamari takes Carleton riding for PCs

2015 election signage "VOTE" at St. Stephen school

Progressive Conservative candidate Goldie Ghamari was elected MPP for Carleton in a landslide, with more than 51 per cent of the vote.

As of 11:23 p.m., with more than 50,000 votes counted, Ghamari had 25,798 votes over NDP second-placer Courtney Potter, who garnered 11,308 votes — a lead of 14,490 votes.

As of 11:23 p.m.

Polls reporting: 38 of 38.

Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Theresa Qadri 9,768 19.44
PC Goldie Ghamari 25,798 51.33
NDP Courtney Potter 11,308 22.50
Green Gordon Kubanek 1,985 3.95
None of the Above Evan Nightingale 413 .82
Ontario Party Jay Tysick 399 .79
CAP Kevin Harris 110 .22
Libertarian Jean-Serge Brisson 386 .77
Independent Mark Dickson 89 .18


1 thought on “Goldie Ghamari takes Carleton riding for PCs”

  1. Sadly like our friends to the south, it looks like too many in Ontario doesn’t understand that politicians to “tell it like it is” really means “tell us what we want to hear.”

    Won’t it be great when the gas tax is lowered, but the oil companies increase the price to make up for the gap? We’ll be paying the same amount for gas, but the province will get less tax revenue to pay for education, health care, etc. and the oil companies will make even more profits.

    Won’t it be great when Ford doesn’t find as much “waste” as he hoped, and ends up cutting essential services instead?

    Won’t it be great when other countries lead in innovation in clean energy, clean emissions, making billions from their investment in such technology? And we’ll get nothing because we decided that “it wasn’t Ontarians’ fault” and decided to prop up the already rich fossil fuel industry and do nothing about carbon emissions.

    Great job Ontario. Looks like we’ll get what we deserve.

    Sadly, we’ll get what we voted for.

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