Living with coyotes in an urban environment – Zoom presentation March 1

Coyote in the Fairwinds neighbourhood, near Khamsim street, mid-February.

(Coyote spotted in the Fairwinds neighbourhood, near Khamsim Street, mid-February.)

In 2020, as part of the Wildlife Strategy, the City of Ottawa initiated a Wildlife Speaker Series to increase residents’ knowledge and appreciation of wildlife, and promote coexistence through understanding and respect.

In light of the recent Coyote sightings around Stittsville and the songs of the Coyote at night, especially in the area of the Trans-Canada Trail and Poole Creek corridor, Councillor Gower is holding an information session on Coyotes March 1 at 7:00 pm.

Join Councillor Gower and Nick Stow, Senior Planner, Natural Systems and Rural Affairs with the City of Ottawa, as he shares tips and information about how to co-exist safely with Coyotes in our community.

Join the Zoom presentation followed by a Q&A session for residents:

Additional information about Coyotes can be found at the following web pages:


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