Local artists donate to art auction in support of clean water programs in Indigenous communities

Stittsville will soon be the virtual site of an exciting presentation of local art. An on-line auction of art by local artists, open to the general public, will start at 3:00pm on September 17th and will run until 5:00pm on September 30th. The auction proceeds will be donated to Water First, a charity which provides paid technical internships to Canadian Indigenous youth to learn to operate and maintain clean water equipment in their own communities. Visit waterfirst.ngo to learn more about the work and opportunities provided to Indigenous youth to become water operators in the drinking water field.

The auction is being organized by Stittsville’s St. Thomas Anglican Church Outreach Committee as part of their ongoing work to support those in need. All proceeds will be going to Water First. Clean water continues to be an ongoing problem for many reserves and Water First aims to help solve this problem by providing Indigenous youth the means to improve the situation through supporting locally-based, paid internships to become certified water treatment plant operators.

Eight paintings will be up for auction with set minimum bids to lead the auction off. The artists have all donated their paintings to this cause. Some have donated more than one painting. The mediums used include oil, watercolour and acrylic. The artists who have generously donated their work are: Warren Blackburn, John Bottriell, Shirley Lambert, Leslie Morin and Jeff Tindall, all from Stittsville, and Heather Bale from Ottawa. The paintings cover various landscapes from Nova Scotia, Algonquin Park, the Rocky Mountains and a moonlit farm scape, as well as flowers and birds.

The bidding site for the auction is: https://www.32auctions.com/artauction4cleanwater.

All of these artists have taken art training through courses, art classes, clubs, or have worked commercially in art. All of the artists believe that clean water is something everyone should have access to.

St. Thomas Anglican Church in Stittsville regularly supports individuals and groups in need such as: the Stittsville Food Bank; Frederick Banting Alternative School; The Shepherds of Good Hope; Cornerstone Housing for Women: Centre 454. During COVID-19 the Church has provided additional support to these groups and will continue to help others where they can with the community’s support of their events.


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