Local nutritionist & mom shares ideas for healthier breakfasts

Melanie Reid, Holistic Nutritionist

(Thanks to Stittsville-based holistic nutritionist Melanie Reid for contributing this guest post to StittsvilleCentral.ca.)

I’m a mom of four, wife and nutrition coach on a mission to improve the health of children and families through proper nutrition. I’m also a long time resident of Kanata and Stittsville and love meeting families who want to make health changes in their lives.

 5 Breakfasts That Won’t Overload Your Kids On Sugar And Taste DeliciousMy new ebook, 5 Breakfasts That Won’t Overload Your Kids On Sugar And Taste Delicious was born of the frustration that I encountered when I attended a track meet with my daughter in which a canteen was selling chips, chocolate, candy, sports drinks, etc. I was disappointed that educators were pairing poor food choices with athletic performance and it made me slightly crazy! Actually, completely crazy….for many weeks!

And then I realized they were doing what they had always done and perhaps didn’t have the knowledge or guidance to influence change.

My desire with this ebook is for parents to have a resource that will provide them with tools to make healthier, sustainable choices for their children. My ultimate goal is to help you fall in love with the process of being a healthy family, which is key for sustainability! I have been living the information I’ve shared in the ebook and the best measure I have are four active, healthy, energetic children.

We all love our kids, we want them to live full lives and we’re doing the best we can for them based on what we know. It is tough to do our best though, when we are stressed with our time and confused about what “healthy” even means. BUT, we have to find a way, within our unique schedules, to make nutrition a priority in our homes.

Feeding kids and your family doesn’t have to be hard or complicated – and I get that! I bring you nutrition information you can actually use while guiding, supporting and helping you achieve family health.

You can download the book for free here: 5 Breakfasts That Won’t Overload Your Kids On Sugar And Taste Delicious

(You can follow Melanie’s at www.balancedplatenutrition.com or contact her via  balancedplatenutrition@gmail.com)



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