Long-term care facility and apartments proposed for Hazeldean near Huntmar

There’s a new site plan proposal for 5731 Hazeldean Road, on the north side of the street just west of Huntmar.

According to the proposal submitted by Stantec, on behalf of Wellings and Extendicare: “The purpose of this application is to permit a mixed-use development comprised of a long term care facility, an apartment building and retail and offices uses to be built on this site. Although the site could be developed in as many as three phases, this application seeks approval for the entire project at this time. ”

Here’s what’s planned:
  • a 5-storey, 185-unit independent living apartment complex
  • a 4-storey, 256-unit long-term care facility
  • a mixed-use retail/office building along Hazeldean road
  • a large park on the north end of the site
  • most of the parking would be underground

This is the third major seniors home / retirement residence currently in the proposal stage in Stittsville. The others two are on Hazeldean Road on the old flea market lands, and on Wildpine Court of Stittsville Main.

Site plan for 5731 Hazeldean Road
Site plan for 5731 Hazeldean Road. It includes 185 independent living apartments on the west side of the site, a a long term care facility with 256 units on the east, and a mixed-use retail and office building along Hazeldean Road. There’s a large park planned for the north part of the site, and most of the parking would be underground.


The mixed-used development could be built in three phases, and includes:

  • A two-story building fronting Hazeldean with retail on the ground and office space above. The total area of the office / retail building is 2549 square metres. “To give further visual interest, the proposed building features a raised parapet with varied heights, the highest of which is over a wide breezeway that provides a pedestrian connection from Hazeldean Road to the long term care building and the apartment building located to the rear on the site.”
  • A four-storey, 256 unit long term care building with underground parking would be on the east side of the site. “The front of the building faces northerly towards the 1.55ha (3.8 acres) of parkland and open space being conveyed to the City.”
  • Along the west side, the developer proposes a five-storey apartment building with 185 independent living suites, also with underground parking. “The apartment building differs from the long term care facility as the apartment building is taller and longer.”
  • “Of the 4.37ha (10.8 acre) site, the rear 1.55ha (3.8 acres) is left as open space in recognition of the Open Space zoning and the characteristics of the land. It is the applicant’s intention to dedicate these 1.55ha to the City for park purposes as an expansion of the City owned Poole Creek / Tempest Park lands. In the land to be conveyed to the City, Poole Creek crosses the north-west corner of the site and Butternut trees are located between the creek and the proposed development.”
  • “The balance of the site comprises 2.28ha (7 acres) and will be developed. With almost all of the parking located underground, less surface parking results in the site having more landscaping and usable land for the residents and the community to enjoy.”

You can read more about the plan here…

More to come.

Concept for the retail/office building at 5731 Hazeldean Road

The long term care facility at 5731 Hazeldean, facing north.
The long term care facility, facing north.


The 5-storey apartment building proposed for 5731 Hazeldean Road.
The 5-storey apartment complex with independent living units.



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