Lots of room on the new Blackstone shuttle bus today

The long-awaited Blackstone shuttle bus hit the road for the first time this morning to mixed reviews.

Here are a few tweets we received from one of the Blackstone residents.


The low ridership on the first day could just be because it’s new, but one resident thinks that route won’t be popular with residents.

The original route was changed because it included streets that aren’t designated as transit routes, according to councillor Shad Qadri.

Here’s the original route as planned…

This map shows the route the new shuttle bus will take this fall


And here’s the revised route, that travels around the outskirts of the community.



Are you a resident of Blackstone or Fernbank Crossing? What do you think of the new shuttle? Add your comments below or email feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca






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