March 3 community meeting set for 1000 Robert Grant Avenue

(Artist rendering of the aerial view of the 1000 Robert Grant and Livery Street development proposed by the Lépine Corporation – Architects: NEUF.)

The Lépine Corporation has rescheduled the the previously cancelled community meeting to Tuesday, March 3, 2020 for the Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment application pertaining to 1000 Robert Grant Avenue at Livery Street in the Fernbank Lands neighbourhood of Stittsville. The original community meeting was cancelled at very short notice by Lépine.

Lépine Corporation submitted the application to the City of Ottawa in 2019 for a Zoning By-law Amendment for the proposed development at 1000 Robert Grant Avenue. This new zoning amendment application is asking for the allowance to construct three apartment buildings ranging in height from 5 storeys (18 metres) to 15 storeys (54 metres).

Councillor Gower has commented and is troubled by this proposal — “Lépine is asking for a considerable increase to the allowable height. I am concerned that the overloaded infrastructure in the area – roads and transit – cannot currently support this development. We’re seeing massive growth in the Fernbank area and adjacent communities, but transportation projects like Robert Grant Avenue are still lagging years behind”.

The Stittsville Village Association (SVA) “opposes the proposed amendment, which seeks a significant adjustment of allowable height along with reduced parking. The extension of Robert Grant to Hazeldean and eventually to Palladium is many years away under current council priorities, as is rapid transit. The infrastructure is simply not in place to support the kind of density this development will bring, as well as others if we allow this to become the new benchmark for building height in that neighbourhood”.

(Artist rendering of Building B (15 storeys) and Building C (12 storeys) that will flank the main entrance at Robert Grant Avenue.)

Within the three proposed buildings, would be 566 1 and 2-bedroom rental apartments. Building A will face Livery Street and be 5 and 6 storeys; Building B to be 15 storeys; and, Building C 12 storeys. Buildings B and C would flank the main entrance at Robert Grant Avenue. A community building (1 storey), six surface parking spots for visitors, loading areas and a vehicle drop-off area and access to underground parking will take up the centre core of the development. A series of pathways will connect the four buildings and will link with the multi-use path on Robert Grant and sidewalk on Livery Street.

(Artist rendering of Building A (5 and 6 storeys) which will face Livery Street.)

Two levels of parking is planned to provide 615 spots for tenants, persons with disabilities and visitors – all underneath the entire site. This number of spaces is less than those required. Bicycle parking is also provided with 283 spaces underground. The parking garage will be accessed from Robert Grant Avenue and Livery Street. There will also be on-site security, a 24-hour concierge service and reception facilities.

Should this proposal be adopted by the City, it will set a precedent of what the future holds for new development in Stittsville. The time to act is now and inform developers that growth of this scale is not how residents wish to see Stittsville transpire – especially due to the current lacking infrastructure.

The community meeting will take place March 3, 2020 at the CardelRec Goulbourn Complex at 1500 Shea Road and will begin at 7:00 pm.

To review the documents pertaining to this proposed development visit here.


2 thoughts on “March 3 community meeting set for 1000 Robert Grant Avenue”

  1. As the city experiences the building these huge complexes of condos, apts. etc.
    the roads are just not wide enough for all the extra traffic. Our Main St. which services considerable traffic from the towns just north and south of us is not adequate.
    One recommendation was to make the green lights longer for people crossing, especially for older and infirm people also for those “nutty” young people with cell phones. Lower the speed limit, slower driving will get us there all in one piece. Perhaps these large complexes should be built nearer the highway not near lower one/two storey housing. This city needs a Beltway and not to rely on the 417.

    1. This is what i don’t get where there is a proposal that includes tall buildings people say we can’t handle it but when there is a proposal for town houses etc that would have the same amount of units there is little outrage.

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