Metric Homes in Stittsville requesting extension to stay in present location

Ottawa City Hall. File photo by Devyn Barrie.

At the Planning Committee on June 13, Metric Homes (SPD Developments Inc.)  is on the agenda. They have requested a Zoning By-law amendment proposal that would allow their corporate office, together with a sales and administration office, to stay at its existing location for a further three years, while they develop the Trailview Subdivision. They are presently located at – 4829 Abbott Street, East.

The current temporary zoning which permits the use of office expires this July. As Metric Homes has not yet completed this subdivision, they are requesting to extend these permissions until July 2022. The property is subject to the Fernbank Community Design Plan (CDP)

Two comments were received from the public expressing a concern about transportation issues surrounding the public property. As there are no proposed changes to the existing site, any changes to roadways or OC Transpo bus stops will not be occur in this application.

The sales centre/office building would be located fronting on Abbott Street near the entrance to the subdivision.

Lee Ann Snedden, the Director of Planning Services in the Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department has indicated that ‘the Department supports the proposed Zoning By-law amendment. The proposal is consistent with Official Plan Policies and Fernbank Community Design Plan and rezoning the lands to extend the site specific exception for the use of an ‘office’ is an appropriate use of the lands’.


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