METRO: Stittsville musician gains Vine fame with six-second videos

Metro Ottawa reports on Mark Flesch, who has attracted 1.3 million Vine followers and earned an award nomination at the iHeart Radio Much Music Video Awards on Sunday:

His loops include music samples and what Flesch calls “in-the-box electronic instruments.” They are synced with little intriguing videos – of Flesch playing an instrument, or looping an animation – that are so seamless you can watch one multiple times without realizing it’s a loop.

“It’s almost like you’re hypnotizing people with a little video clip,” he said.

One video, called “Encore,” shows Flesch strumming a sweet guitar melody before throwing the instrument in a firepit and smashing it with an axe.

Although he has been playing guitar, piano and drums for years, he never signed up for Vine to promote his music, but to get better at producing. He would play around with samples from other artists and show them the end product.

Eventually, he started attracting followers and then scored a couple of advertising gigs with Gatorade and HTC.

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Here are couple more of his Vines:



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