Minto’s not cutting trees, just testing soil near Jackson Trails

Minto sign

Minto says work today on their property just west of Jackson Trails was for soil testing, and didn’t involve removing any significant trees. heard from several Jackson Trails residents today who were concerned about work being done just west of Overland Drive.

“Crews were out there today working on test pits to understand soil and rock conditions.  There were a few areas where they had to get into the trees. I advised them to do their best to move in and out between the trees,” says Erin O’Connor, a land development manager with Minto.

“A few scrub trees have been damaged, but we’re not allowed to clear trees.  We’re still waiting for approval for the development,” she says.

Minto has filed a site plan application for the site, but the City of Ottawa is waiting for Minto to come back with changes to their plan, based on comments received earlier this year at a public meeting in June. Read more here…

Meanwhile, Minto is asking residents to help name the new community, their first project in Stittsville. Read more here…



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