Municipal election signs can go on private property starting Thursday

Supporters of municipal election candidates will be able to put up a campaign lawn sign starting Thursday.

Aug. 23 is the first day election signs may be placed on private property, according to the City of Ottawa’s elections office. But signage cannot be placed on public property until Sept. 22.

Election signs must be removed 48 hours after the election.

Signs for your lawn can be requested from your preferred candidate.

Also, as Rideau-Goulbourn Coun. Scott Moffatt noted in his newsletter on Wednesday, councillors who are running for re-election will have to stop communicating through official city channels starting tomorrow due to a blackout period.

“During the blackout period advertising for City events or services cannot, in broad terms, include the name of any Member of Council who is also a candidate,” Moffatt said.

However he noted there remains a protocol to ensure residents are notified of any important issues in the meantime.

Other key election dates

Sept. 1 – Voters can check online if they’re on the voting list and change or add their information.

Oct. 4-7 – Special advance vote.

Oct. 12 – Advance vote.

Oct. 22 – Election day.


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