myMarketing growing virtual economy for Canadian businesses crosses border to meet U.S. market demand

(Mathew Paquet, Chief Executive Officer (l) and Paul Michel, Director of Operations (r) are the founding members of Kanata’s myMarketing team. The company was formed in 2019 to address the digital needs of small and medium-sized local businesses. Photo: submitted)

We have been following local startup business, myMarketing, bringing you their successful news since 2020 in two previous articles. With this being Small Business Week, it was time for another update from the founders and young entrepreneurs of myMarketing, Mathew Paquet and Paul Michel, both uOttawa alumni.

myMarketing was formed in 2019 to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses requiring professional marketing support for both old businesses wanting to adapt and assisting new startups. The timing could not have been more on target in 2019 when the digital marketing boom was literally around the corner – unbeknownst to many due to COVID.

Since 2019, Mathew and Paul have grown the company by leaps and bounds; increased their staff from a mere three to 10 and now 20 people; grew their client base across Canada; and, just recently expanded into the United States.

Mathew told Stittsville Central, “Since those 2 articles, myMarketing has advanced from a small startup to an established business offering services all across Canada. The company is now expanding to the U.S. after signing contracts in various regions”.

myMarketing has announced its expansion into the United States after signing contracts with companies based in New York and North Carolina. After experiencing exponential growth in Canada, expansion into the U.S. market is a natural next step for the rapidly growing company, which has seen significant growth since it began offering one-of-a-kind digital marketing subscription services in May 2020.

myMarketing was initiated when Mathew and Paul, identified a need for commitment-free, full-service digital marketing services. “Having offered consulting services to hundreds of business owners over the last 10 years, I had the opportunity to hear and experience a lot of their frustrations while they were trying to find success online with limited resources,” says Paquet, Chief Executive Officer. “The SaaS model was gaining traction in other industries due to its many benefits, so we began to build a similar solution where a business can access the right digital marketing resources, at the right time, with a budget that makes sense.”

The company’s services are in high demand due to its innovative approach to digital marketing, which solves the challenges associated with hiring freelancers, traditional marketing agencies, or building out an in-house marketing department. The solution, the first no-obligation monthly full-service digital marketing subscription in Canada. This never-before-seen model has garnered significant interest from businesses across Canada, who have flocked to the innovative company and have helped put them on track to exceed $700,000 in annual revenue in its third year – a +100% increase over its second year.

With this success and a solid reputation under their belt, Paquet and Michel recognized that it was time to share what myMarketing has to offer with Canada’s southern neighbour. It was time to instigate change in the US.

We knew there was a similar lack of digital marketing solutions in the U.S. market, and when we started seeing hundreds of American users visiting our site each month, expanding to the U.S. was a clear next step for our growing company,” says Michel, Director of Operations.

It didn’t take long for myMarketing to acquire its first American clients, who, like their Canadian counterparts, have been waiting for easier access to high-quality digital marketing services.

The company’s expansion into the United States marks a significant step forward for a young company that is anticipating a seven figure revenue in its next fiscal year. And, with a team that has doubled in size to nearly twenty employees in less than twelve months to handle the increasing demand for its services, the company has never been positioned so well to bring its revolutionary service model across the border.

“We’ve been working hard on perfecting our model and processes over the past two years, and we’re ready to take on this new challenge. Business owners have been waiting a long time for a solution like ours, and we’re ready to fill that need,” shares Paquet.

In 2020, Paquet and his myMarketing partners told us, “we believe in helping local businesses before the company ventures outside of Canada”. In 2021, we stated, “We see this young myMarketing team travelling far in this newly transformed digital world!”

The success of myMarketing has been driven by their ambition and origin of connecting local businesses with local customers and becoming successful in Canada prior to taking the next step. We extend every success as they venture into their new horizons. Just what will the next year bring!?

About myMarketing:
myMarketing is Canada’s first full-service, subscription-based digital marketing agency. myMarketing provides ten expert digital marketing services that include content marketing, graphic and web design, social media marketing, and digital marketing strategy. It is the only commitment-free, subscription-based digital marketing service in Canada, and is on track to qualify for several fastest growing business nominations in Canada at regional, provincial, and national levels. Through its revolutionary model, myMarketing facilitates business growth while providing unparalleled control to its clients. Visit their website at to see what they can do for you.


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