New Brunswick artist shows collection at Jabulani Vineyard in Richmond

Watercolour by Rainer Wenzl

Rainer Wenzl, an artist from Port Elgin, New Brunswick, will be exhibiting a collection of his work at Jabulani Vineyard and Winery in Richmond.

Over the past six months I have been working on a series of paintings,” says Wenzl.  “‘Tequila and Fish Stories’ is a collection of watercolour paintings that illustrate the daily lives of the people that live by the sea, both in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and in Maritime Canada.”

“The figures are captured while they are involved in their everyday routines from fishing to relaxing, selling fruits and vegetables to enjoying the scenery. Each figure in each piece is painted on newspaper clippings taken from either an editorial or opinion article of a local newspaper from the same time period at which the painting was created. As a result, each person in each painting has his own individual story to tell.”

This collection will be on exhibit and available for sale at Jabulani Vineyard & Winery starting the weekend of June 26-28.  Stop by the vineyard to view and purchase art, as well as, sample and take home some of the award winning wines of Jabulani. You can check out their website at

In addition to the watercolour paintings, Wenzl be exhibiting some of my gum-bichromate photographs and leaded glass lanterns.

“Gum-bichromate photographic process is a 200 year old developing process whereby dichromate salts (light sensitive) are mixed with watercolours and gum arabic and which is coated on watercolour paper. A large full size negative is then contact printed using sunlight. This process is repeated using negatives of different densities for each colour that is printed. The result is a painterly look,” he explains.

Watercolour by Rainer Wenzl


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