New guidelines for planting street trees in subdivisions

(via City of Ottawa)

Ottawa’s new subdivisions may soon have more tree-lined streets, thanks to guidelines received by the City’s Planning Committee today.

The new guidelines offer flexibility to the 2005 Clay Soils Policy when it comes to small and medium-sized trees under certain conditions. With more than half of the vacant land within Ottawa’s urban boundary potentially containing sensitive marine clay soils, this update will increase the number, size and variety of street trees in new subdivisions.

These new tree-planting guidelines are one of the initiatives resulting from the Building Better and Smarter Suburbs project.

The Committee approved agreements to reimburse four subdivision developers for work done in Kanata to extend Campeau Drive between Didsbury Road and Huntmar Drive. This work helped improve traffic flow for the Kanata West Business Park and for events at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Three applications for new construction were also approved by the Committee. An application in New Edinburgh, on Mackay Street, involves repairs to an existing heritage house and replacing the rear addition. In Rockcliffe Park, new houses are proposed for vacant lots on Old Prospect Road and on Green Avenue. The application for a new house on Green Avenue will go to City Council on Wednesday, September 27 to meet the statutory 90-day timeline for consideration under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Riverside South and Orléans could soon be home to two new subdivisions. The Committee approved zoning amendments to permit residential development in both neighbourhoods. Riverside South could see nearly 500 new houses, two parks and a future school development. Orléans could also see nearly 500 new houses, in addition to parks, and land reserved for future mixed-use development.

Except where noted, items approved at today’s Planning Committee will go to City Council on Wednesday, October 11.


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