New pharmacy opens on Stittsville Main

As we travel down Stittsville Main street we are always thrilled to see new businesses opening up. This is crucial to maintain and to contribute to the vibrancy of our original thoroughfare.

It is also great to find a new business that is owned and operated by one of our very own residents. We would like you to meet Avish Shah, the owner, manager and Pharmacist of the new Stittsville Whole Health pharmacy located at 1609 Stittsville Main Street (in the Dynacare Labs building). Avish was born and studied in South Africa and has been a Pharmacist for 15 years.

It was fate, that days after a harrowing experience at his pharmacy in South Africa, Avish received a phone call from Canada offering him an opportunity that couldn’t be refused. The offer was to own and operate a pharmacy franchise in Perth, Ontario. This meant moving his family to Canada where they settled in Stittsville. They have lived here now for eight years. Avish commuted from Stittsville to Perth every working day.

Avish has always wanted to be more involved with and give back to the community where his family’s roots have now grown. So he made a decision. He sold his Perth franchise and began a new endeavour of soloing here in Stittsville with the opening of Stittsville Whole Health Pharmacy. The pharmacy will be providing several services such as: travel consultancy for immunizations; prescription renewals; smoking cessation aids; medical assessment appointments; home healthcare products; compression stockings; and over the counter medications. The pharmacy also offers compliance packaging and free delivery within Stittsville.

He is already open for business but Avish is planning a Grand Opening event on January 25, 2019. You will have the opportunity to meet Avish and he is looking forward to meeting his fellow community members.

Please visit the web site at for more information or you can call 613-831-2180 if you have any questions.

Welcome to Stittsville and our wonderful Main Street!


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