New site plan application for two buildings in Brown’s parking lot

Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust has applied to the city to construct two one-storey commercial buildings in the Brown’s Independent parking lot.

The two buildings are according to the proposal submitted to the city:

  • One at the southwest corner of the site with three tenants; 413 square metres in size (building B).
  • One at the northwest corner with three tenants and 818 square metres in size (building C).

“Regard was given to orienting the new buildings to the street and encouraging more pedestrian-friendly built form along Stittsville Main Street,” the planning and design rationale submission said. “The parking lot (would be) reconfigured to promote safer access to, and circulation through, the site for pedestrians and vehicles using the driveways from Stittsville Main Street.”

A look at the two proposed buildings

The civic address for the site is 1251 Stittsville Main St.

Choice Properties REIT is the largest real estate investment trust in Canada, spun off from Loblaw Cos., and is based in Toronto. It is the same company that owns the plaza at 1300 Stittsville Main St.

The proposal is open to public comment until June 18, 2018. Contact city planner Stream Shen with your comments at or call (613) 580-2424, ext. 24488.


14 thoughts on “New site plan application for two buildings in Brown’s parking lot”

  1. I recently moved to Stittsville from Old Ottawa South and agree with comments made by those who attended the Stittsville Janes Walk – Stittsville Main could be so much more. So when I see these plans for more “box store” development off Main Street, I am not particularly excited. Small interesting shops, restaurants and cafes could make Stittsville Main a desirable destination and promot pedestrian traffic. More box stores in the parking lots of existing plazas aren’t nearly as inviting.

    1. While I understand the idea of small stores the issue is the rate the area is growing the population now 35,000 with in 10 years it will be 75,000 small stores would not be able to fill the demand.

  2. Wow, this parking lot is crazy now so it’s just going to get worse. This won’t encourage foot traffic, but it will encourage me to shop for my groceries somewhere else with easier customer parking.

      1. I don’t see this project getting rejected the reason look at Farmboy on Hazeldean 8 new stores etc being added to a very busy parking lot as it is look at the Loblaws in Barrheaven 13 new stores etc being added to one of the busiest parking lots in the city.

  3. It’s shocking to me how the city and our councillor continues to approve these box stores in stittsville. We already don’t have the infrastructure to support the influx of new housing developments in our community and they just keep adding more. I have lived in stittsville for over 30 years and in my honest opinion stittsville no longer has that charm that once drew me here. I think the city really needs to reevaluate the community design plan of stittsville

    1. Ashley – I feel the same as you. The city planning department has no idea of the situation and I don’t hold out much hope that they’ll see the light!!! 🙁

      1. I understand that. Going forward I think the city should re-evaluate that community design plan and overall vision for this community. We are now a suburb of Kanata without adequate infrastructure to support the thousands of new homes popping up in this community. Any new building that doesn’t meet current zoning standards and required planning committee/ council approval, should be seriously looked that. It seems this committee approves everything under the sun.

        1. The problem in part with that idea right or wrong is the city would change the zoning stands leading to outrage in some areas.

      2. Agreed but I think serious though and consideration needs to be taken into the future of stittsville. This community is not what is used to be and while I understand some development is needed, the rate of growth of stittsville is sickening.

        1. The city could come out and say were going to put a free on any new development leading to the avg house in creasing big time forcing middle class familys out.

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