New street names coming March 13

New Stittsville street names

Five streets in Stittsville will have new names as of March 13, 2017.

“As you may know, last year, five Stittsville streets were required to undergo changes due to duplicate and similar sounding names since amalgamation with the City of Ottawa in 2001. Because of the public safety risk this poses with Ottawa’s Emergency Services, the Street Renaming Project was implemented to reconcile these challenges,” wrote Councillor Shad Qadri in his weekly newsletter.

  • Bell Street (from Stittsville Main to Norway Spruce) becomes become Bobcat Way
  • Bell Street (from Norway Spruce to West Ridge) becomes Snowberry Way
  • Elm crescent becomes Brae Crescent
  • Meadowland Way becomes Turtleback Way
  • Houses on Long Meadow Way will get new “900-series” numbers

The name changes come after a contentious months-long consultation and selection process last year.



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