New warehouse proposed for 44 Iber Road

The City has received a Site Plan Control application for a single story, 13,000 square foot building at 44 Iber Road.  It would be built on the west side of the property, behind the existing industrial building that houses Olympia Gymnastics and Kanata Stoneworks.

From the application summary:

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to permit the development of a 13,000 square foot one-storey building behind the existing building. The proposed building will accommodate four new occupancies, and additional parking spaces will be provided.

The subject property is located on the western side of Iber Road, approximately 350 metres south of the intersection of Hazeldean Road and Iber Road. The property has 80 metres of frontage on Iber Road, with a total lot area of 13,520 square metres. The subject site is currently occupied by a 20,000 square foot one-storey building, which houses a gymnastics facility and two light industrial uses. The balance of the property to the rear is occupied by a parking lot, vacant grassed lands, a drainage pond, and a treed buffer.

The surrounding area is primarily comprised of light industrial uses as the site is within the Iber Road Business Park. To the north is a City of Ottawa fire station and a vacant parcel. To the west of the property is the Fringewood Community Centre, a park, and low density residential lands. To the south is a heavy equipment dealership, and across Iber Road to the east are several light industrial properties. The lands further to the east are to be developed as a residential subdivision (D07-16-16-0020).

The applicant has proposed the development of a 13,000 square foot single-storey building to the west of the existing structure. The new building will accommodate four new occupancies. Loading and service areas are provided for each occupancy along the western (rear) building facade. The exterior of the building is to be constructed with a combination of corrugated metal paneling and glazing, with doors and windows regularly spaced along the eastern (front) façade.

Vehicular access will be maintained from the existing private approach along the northern property line. The number of parking spaces on site will be increased to 127, with new spaces provided along the northern property line, between the two buildings, and to the rear of the proposed infill building. A total of 16 bicycle spaces will also be provided. A 22.8 metre landscape buffer will be retained along the rear property line, and the existing drainage pond will remain.

You can access all the application documents here…

The City of Ottawa is accepting comments until December 18, 2017. You can send comments to planner Stream Shen, 613-580-2424 or



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