Nissan car dealership proposed for Palladium Auto Park

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to construct an automobile dealership, including an accessory office, automobile service station, showroom, car wash and parking lot area at 2500 Palladium Drive.

From the application:

“The subject land is currently used as a parking lot area for the abutting development. The two storey building will have a footprint of 2,461m² and a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 3,022m². The main access to the site is an ingress and egress entranceway at the north-west corner of the site from Autopark Private. Additional private accesses to the lands are proposed midway through the site and at the south-east corner of the lands. A total of eighty-two (82) visitor and employee parking spaces are proposed, including two (2) barrier free parking spaces at the main entrance of the building. The development will provide an additional 125 parking spaces for storage of inventory vehicles for sales and servicing. Two (2) loading spaces are proposed, one along the eastern side of the building and one at the rear of the building, in proximity to the garbage enclosure along the eastern property line.

The Nissan automobile dealership is offering a state-of-the-art new facility to be integrated with the existing automobile dealerships in the Palladium Auto Park. The building is designed to contribute to the customer service experience, providing a warm, welcoming and open environment on site and within the building. The main entrance and showroom is the focal point as you approach the subject land, consisting of a glass façade to allow natural light to fill the visitor areas. An open pedestrian walkway links the entrance to the main road to encourage convenience of shopping between dealerships. The building design will complement the surrounding built form by using materials consistent with existing buildings such as glazing, prefinished metal cladding and corrugated metal cladding. Colour tones, such as grey and charcoal, are constant along all facades of the building, while providing a red accent around the main entrance door draws the eyes and welcomes visitors to the main entrance area. The building is designed to maintain the Nissan brand identity, with consideration of the customer experience and the local built environment.”

You can send comments about the proposal before June 24, 2016 to planner Jean-Charles Renaud, *Please provide comments by June 24, 2016.

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Proposed Nissan dealership at 2500 Palladium Drive
Proposed Nissan dealership at 2500 Palladium Drive

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