NOTEBOOK: Bradley-Craig, Reverie, wetland trial, mosquitos

Bradley-Craig Barn, October 2015. Photo by Barry Gray.
Bradley-Craig Barn, October 2015. Photo by Barry Gray.


I was part of a small group of residents from Stittsville and beyond who met with Councillor Qadri this week about the Bradley-Craig Farm.

We’ve also started a working group called “Friends of the Bradley-Craig Farm”, including representatives from Heritage Ottawa, the Stittsville Village Association, and the Federation of Community Associations and the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.

The group is developing ideas for how the farm can be repurposed for business or community use, as well as pushing for the City to enforce the property standards bylaw in relation to heritage properties. (The owner is required to maintain the exterior and the structure of the barn and house under the bylaw.)

The city’s Built Heritage Sub Committee will consider a motion to demolish the heritage barn next Thursday, December 10. Councillor Qadri has said that he supports Richcraft’s plan to dismantle the barn and move it to Saunders Farm in Munster.


Reverie Quarters, January 2015. Photo by Barry Gray
Reverie Quarters, January 2015. Photo by Barry Gray



The stalled condo project at 1491 Stittsville Main Street may be revving up again.  Councillor Qadri provided an update in his weekly newsletter:

Byrex Developments Inc took ownership of the site, 1491 Stittsville Main Street in the summer of 2015. I have had an opportunity to meet with the new owner and was pleased with the preliminary discussions we had regarding the site.  The owners conveyed a commitment to completing a development on the site and they have advised me that their team is creating new designs and are planning to reveal them to the community in late 2015, however please note any public meetings may not happen until the new year as we are approaching the holiday season.

When I last met with the owners in the summer they committed to an intention to complete development of the site and would be bringing revised plans forward to the community.  I know they have had some discussions with the City on development plans to move forward, but I have not seen a concept plan at this time.

As we reported last January, the condo project has been on hold since 2013, with only one of seven blocks (six residential and one commercial) completed.  Only two units were ever sold, and both buyers were refunded.

It looks like the new condos are going to be re-branded as “Stittsville Walk” with Bennett Property Shop acting as the sales agent for Bryex.

Here’s what they told us via email: “It is a completely different development and housing styles – we are very excited to share this with your readers.  There is an incredible bungalow design – with garage and 2 bed – 2 baths – and a den and a huge living room. Then there are some exciting 2 storey designs as well which have 2 bed – 2 baths.”

They’ve promised to send more info soon.


Road signs: Rothbourne at Rothbourne


The Rothbourne Road wetland trial continued this week.  As we reported last month, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority laid charges on two people under the Ontario Conservation Authorities Act for interference with a wetland. Environmental activist Ken McRae attended this week’s trial as an observer, and says on Monday the court heard from the two accused, including a cross-examination, followed by summations.

The judge will hand down her decision on January 20.  If she finds either of the accused guilty,  they could receive a maximum fine of $10,000 for each charge laid, and be ordered to carry out restoration work on the wetland.


Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson says that she’s considering an all-out war against mosquitos next year, but only if residents are willing to pay for it.

She’s looking into the cost to BTI (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis), a biological pesticide that attacks mosquito larvae.  About 40 municipalities in Canada use the product to combat mozzies.

The cost of the program would be paid for by Kanata North residents as a levy on their annual tax bill.  A similar “mosquito levy” in Winnipeg cost residents about $25-$35 per year, she says.

Before it goes ahead, Kanata residents would have to vote on it and at least 50% of the voters would have to approve the plan.



Food drive at Brown's
Last year’s Fill The Bus event at Brown’s. Photo courtesy of Theresa Qadri.


Fill the Bus, part of the 30th Annual Christmas Food Drive for the Stittsville Food Bank, takes place this Saturday, December 5, between 9am-5pm at Brown’s Your Independent Grocers (Stittsville Main Street).  Bring a non-perishable food donation and help fill up an OC Transpo bus with donations.


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