NOTEBOOK: Mystery blasting could be from nearby quarry


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City staff think they’ve identified the source of some mystery blasting that’s been felt by residents in communities like Jackson Trails, Bryanston Gate and Fairwinds in the north part of Stittsville.

Here’s what one resident posted on August 31: “Was that blasting in the Potter’s Key development that just shook everyone up like mad? There was no warning to the people in the area, none of the ‘warning whistles’ leading up to the blast… and holy cow I am touring my house for damage. That was nuts!”

Blasting in itself isn’t unusual in this area.  For the past few years, home builders have been blasting rock to build homes in neighbourhoods like Poole Creek Village, Fairwinds West and Potter’s Key.  There’s also construction work on the Kanata West Pumping Station along Maple Grove Road.

But the builders say the blasting residents are feeling isn’t coming from them.  Now, city staff think they’ve found the source: a quarry north of the Queensway off Carp Road, operated by Karson Group.

Karson's quarry on Carp Road, north of the Queensway. Photo via Google Maps.
Karson’s quarry on Carp Road, north of the Queensway. Photo via Google Maps.


Here’s an update from Councillor Shad Qadri in his weekly newsletter:

My office has followed up with Karson regarding their site on Carp Road as this would be closest operating quarry to the area.  They do not believe any of their work would be experienced by residents in Stittsville, however, moving forward they will advise my office before they do blasting.  I am asking that residents please contact my office if you experience blasting type occurrences with the date and time of the occurrence.  I am hoping that working together we can determine the source of the activity residents are experiencing.

Quarry blasting operations are governed by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and if residents would like to lodge a complaint they can call the local office at 613-521-3450 and request to speak with the Duty Officer. After Hours call 1-800-268-6060 and residents should leave their contact information and their address in order to confirm the closest quarry and they will investigate. As noted above, please let me know if you do experience this activity as I will be working with Karson to determine if it could be coming from their site.


(WE WANT TO KNOW: If you’re a resident who’s experiencing this blasting, drop us a line at and tell us how it’s affecting you.)



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  1. My community all got ‘Pre-Blast survey’ notices in our mailboxes that states..
    “DST Consulting Engineers Inc. is retained by M-Roc Ltd. Drilling & Blasting on behalf of CRT Development Inc. to carry out a Pre-Blast Survey of the homes and buildings in the vicinity of the project noted above.”
    That project noted is as follows:
    “CRT Lands – Phase 1
    Fernbank Community
    Contract No.: 27970”

    I am writing this because I believe this is the blasting everyones feeling in stittsville. I am not sure who else got the notice but the community of Talltree Crescent did.

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