NOTEBOOK: Richcraft says they’ll keep the Bradley-Craig barn on Hazeldean

The Bradley-Craig barn, January 2018. Photo illustration by Barry Gray.

(PHOTO: The Bradley-Craig barn, January 2018. Photo illustration by Barry Gray.)

I’m cautiously optimistic after reading a statement today from Richcraft on the future of the Bradley-Craig Farm. The company says they’ll keep the landmark red barn at its current location at 590 Hazeldean Road.

“Thank you Councillor Qadri for giving Richcraft the opportunity to report on the state of the barn. And for your constituents who fought so hard for this barn and its future, the news is good,” wrote Kevin Yemm, Richcraft’s vice president of land development, in a statement on Councillor Shad Qadri’s web site.

“We are not only keeping the barn in its current location and ensuring the structure remains dry, stable and intact; we are continuing our maintenance of the building in order to support our active marketing for a future tenant. We are currently working with a local architect on plans to retrofit the barn where it sits for a suitable commercial use,” wrote Yemm.

The statement comes two years after City Council granted Richcraft permission to move the heritage-designated barn to Saunders Farm in Munster.  Richcraft abandoned that plan, and the two-year deadline for the relocation expired this week.

A lot of us have been concerned about the deterioration of the exterior of the barn.  It’s so bad that the City of Ottawa is taking Richcraft to court next month over an alleged failure to follow a property standards order on the property.

Qadri’s update on his web site today didn’t mention the legal action but did include this note: “I have expressed these concerns with Richcraft and have requested they undertake additional work on the site after the winter. Richcraft assures me that the current condition of the barn is ‘stable’ and they are working with Property Standards to complete repairs and continue to monitor and maintain the barn as an asset.”

We don’t know yet what Richcraft has in mind for the barn.  Because it has heritage designation, any alterations to the building will have to be approved by the Built Heritage Subcommittee, Planning Committee, and City Council. Richcraft would likely also have to submit a new site plan for approval.

Here’s an intriguing design rendering posted to Richcraft’s web site, as part of the real estate listing for the 590 Hazeldean Road property. Does it offer a clue as to what the developer may have in mind?

An architectural rendering showing the Bradley-Craig barn on Hazeldean Road, integrated into a redevelopment plan.
An architectural rendering posted to Richcraft’s web site listing for 590 Hazeldean Road.


The farmhouse also has heritage designation and Richcraft has always planned to keep it in place.  It’s being marketed as “ideal for professional office, medical or retail use”.



4 thoughts on “NOTEBOOK: Richcraft says they’ll keep the Bradley-Craig barn on Hazeldean”

  1. Did anyone ever visit Cullen Farms in Markham maybe 25-30 years ago? It was a beautiful commercial market with a few different shopping areas each with different products, everything fromwomen’s wear. Men’s wear, giftware, household items, a beautiful all year Christmas shop, couple different restaurants and a full outdoor patio & furniture selection in spring/summer/fall. Of course there was a nursery. There could be a farmer’s market too here is someone would undertake it. Cullens Barns was a big success and attracted people from afar not just local. It would be marvelous to somerhing like it on the Craig property. The Craig house as well could be incorporated into the design. Be perfect 👍🏼

  2. I’d like to see a setup similar to the interior of the Byward Market inside the Bradley-Craig Farm. It could be a tourist draw in the west-end of Ottawa, or a stop for people when they come out for Senators games or after visiting Tanger Outlets.

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