NOTEBOOK: “Welcome to Stittsville” mural update; OC Transpo cancels route 188


Earlier this week we published an article about the “Welcome to Stittsville” graffiti on Stittsville Main Street in front of the Harris law office. Turns out the majority of residents are quite fond of the painting.  I ran a follow-up poll on Facebook and 53% of the respondents favour keeping it as-is.

Main Street mural/graffiti poll.

“A better nicer logo could be put there instead… The thought is small town, friendly Stittsville. Good thought poor graphics,” commented Penny Horeczy.

“If it’s being painted over, giving the local artists a chance to design a new welcome sign could be great for community involvement. I know there’s quite a few people studying art in uni/college (myself being one), and plenty of amazing artists in the surrounding high schools! Could be a nice way to welcome people to our little town,” suggested Taylor Burgoyne.

Sara Houle wrote: “I actually saw a group of teen girls taking selfies beside it the other day. I say leave it!”

Welcome to Stittsville, late March 2016
Welcome to Stittsville, late March 2016

Our neighbours in Arcadia in Kanata North are losing bus route #188 because of low ridership.  It’s part of a series of spring schedule and service adjustments beginning April 24.

At just over 1km, it must be one of OC Transpo’s shortest routes, running from the park-and-ride lot at Canadian Tire Centre to Campeau & Country Glen.


I’m looking forward to attending a trivia fundraiser for the Stittsville Food Bank tonight at The Glen. Jeff Gallant (Dominion Mortgages) and Kate Dawes & Carolyn Bradley (Royal LePage) organized the sell-out event … Looking for a used bike?  The 1st Kanata Scouts are holding their annual Bike Exchange on Saturday morning. Each year over 400 bikes are sold.  The event starts at 8:30am and the earlier you go the better … Timothy’s on Hazeldean Road is holding an open mic event on Saturday evening from 6pm-8pm…. More events on our (free) calendar...

Timothy's hosts an open mic night on Saturday, April 23

The Death and Life of Great American Cities, written in 1961 by Jane Jacobs, was one of the most influential books on urban design in the late 20th century.
The Death and Life of Great American Cities, written in 1961 by Jane Jacobs, was one of the most influential books on urban design in the late 20th century.


I’m hosting a Jane’s Walk on Stittsville Main Street on Saturday, May 7 at 10:00am. It’s part of a city-wide festival of walking tours led by locals who care passionately about where they live, work and play, inspired by writer Jane Jacobs.

“No one can find out what will work for our cities by looking at garden suburbs, manipulating scale models, or inventing dream cities. You’ve got to get out and walk,” wrote Jacobs in 1957.

My walk will be about the future of Stittsville Main Street. Could it be Ottawa’s next great neighbourhood street?  We’ll talk about the street’s role in the old railway village, we’ll have a look at where it stands today, and we’ll talk about opportunities and obstacles as it begins to be transformed into a walkable, people-oriented main street.  More info here…



Councillor Shad Qadri’s motion asking Canada Post to recognize all addresses in his ward as being in Stittsville passed at City Council last week.

Currently, a large segment of homes and businesses that are technically part of the Stittsville Ward are still considered to be Kanata addresses by Canada Post. Qadri says this causes “mass confusion” for residents.

“The reason that I have been looking into this matter is because over the last year I have been contacted by residents in the Fernbank Community including Blackstone and Fernbank Crossings subdivisions expressing this as a concern with their mail delivery,” Qadri wrote in his weekly newsletter. “Resident [sic] have expressed a concern that they are uncertain as to which community they live in between Stittsville and Kanata as they have conflicting information between City and Canada Post boundaries.”

“I feel that a sense of community is built through a community name and this is very important to residents. I have worked with local developers and businesses to ensure they are aware they are part of the Stittsville community and that they share this information with their residents and customers. The direction from this motion will also ensure that all businesses on Hazeldean Road located in Ward 6 will also be referred to as Stittsville. Canada post agreed that this is a valid concern and advised they would fix the issue but would require a resolution of Council (approved motion) in order to do so.”

There’s more info about the change on his web site…


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