NOTEBOOK: Wild parsnip, Coyote near the Trans Canada Trail


The City’s Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) meets on Thursday morning and one of the items on the agenda is a look at the wild parsnip strategy.

The yellow plant was a common sight in Stittsville: along roadways, in ditches, along pathways, in fields. Its sap contains chemicals that can cause skin and eye irritation and make the skin prone to burning and blistering when exposed to the sun.

The City launched a pilot project last year to combat the weed, applying herbicide to over 200km of roadways and parkland, and mowing some of the infested areas.  The city also mapped infestation areas, and launched an awareness and education campaign.

Some of the most infested areas around Stittsville last year included Fernbank Road and in the Huntmar/Maple Grove area. You can see a map embedded below.

There’s $98,000 available for the wild parsnip strategy this year (that’s $2,000 less than last year), UPDATE: There’s $198,000 in the budget this year for the wild parsnip strategy, up from $100,000 last year. This year’s program will include more mowing, new herbicides, and continued public awareness.

Heads up for anyone who uses the Trans Canada Trail between Terry Fox and Iber.  A Blackstone resident reported seeing a coyote in the community park this week, and on Tuesday staff at Ecole Paul-Demarais reported seeing a coyote out for a quiet walk near the school.

The Goulbourn Museum’s board of directors is looking for volunteers for its Board of Directors.  Members will be elected at the museum’s AGM on April 28.  Click here for more info…


3 thoughts on “NOTEBOOK: Wild parsnip, Coyote near the Trans Canada Trail”

  1. If you see a coyote, stand in your place and wave your arms in the air and yell. Don’t run. If you are in a group of two or more, squeeze together and do same. You will look like a giant blob to a coyote and scare it off. Fortunately stats show that there has only been one coyote attack in about 80 years resulting in a death and that was in Northern Saskatchewan about 10 years ago.

    1. I hate to break it everyone, but there are coyotes all over Stittsville. Amberwood golf course has them, the woods beside Sacred Heart had them… amazing sound to hear the packs call each other in the pre-dawn hpurs. Normally they avoid being seen, but yes they are out there. …..One reason there are so few stray cats in some neighbourhoods. Nature has a way of balancing things out.

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