Offer of safe parking for equipment leads to donation for Stittsville Food Bank

(Jodi Goodwind, Site Foreman at Direct Bore, donates $500 to Theresa Qadri, Chair of the Stittsville Food Bank thanks to PBC Holdings on January 11, 2021. Photo: Phil Sweetnam)

Direct Bore, an Ottawa company, has been installing new fibre optic cabling in the Fringewood neighbourhood. They recently found themselves needing a place to store their equipment safely overnight on vacant lots. It was a bit of a predicament, but one swiftly and easily resolved with a request.

In stepped Phil Sweetnam of PBC Sweetnam Holdings. After speaking with the Site Foreman, Jodi Goodwind, and learning of the storage situation Phil had the solution. He offered his vacant space for the safe storage of the equipment, but there was a hitch. In lieu of any fees being paid to PBC Sweetnam, Phil asked Jodi, “would Direct Bore make a donation to a Stittsville charity?”

The response was Yes and Jodi chose the Stittsville Food Bank. On Monday, January 11, 2021, Jodi presented a donation for $500.00 to Theresa Qadri, Chair of the Stittsville Food Bank. Jodi and Bore Direct chose the food bank knowing that it would have more purchasing power with a cash donation and would be able to select the items that are always needed.

It is so refreshing to see two businesses working together to solve a simple situation with the Stittsville Food Bank being the beneficiary of the solution.


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