One year later myMarketing making waves in the industry one Canadian business at a time

(Paul Michel, Mathew Paquet and Maxime Alarie are the founding team members of the Kanata company myMarketing. The company was created to assist small and medium-sized businesses transform their online presence. Photo: submitted)

In October, 2020, Stittsville Central brought you the story of Kanata’s Mathew Paquet who graduated from Ottawa University and in 2019 while attending school had the foresight to found his company – myMarketing – answering the needs of small and medium sized businesses in an ever-changing digital world. With Small Business Week taking place, we caught up with Mathew to discover how myMarketing has managed over the course of the past year.

The founding team of Mathew Paquet, Paul Michel, Maxime Alarie, set out to provide businesses with digital marketing support, and have had the opportunity to help a multitude of companies transform their online presence over the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In just one year, the innovative startup, led by the 24-year-old Paquet, has grown to a six-figure business and is on track to more than double its first year’s growth in 2021. In 2020, the team consisted of just three members. They have grown to ten digital marketing experts working remotely across Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

(An internal strategy meeting with Maxime, Mathew and Paul.)

Local businesses such as Aetonix, CMAP Health and Unified CBT in Ottawa’s west end, have improved their online presence during COVID-19 using the myMarketing unique service model that identifies barriers preventing their clients from finding online success. They continue to help small businesses and have worked with more than 25 Canadian businesses across different industries who have benefited from the services provided to date with the figure expected to double in the coming year.

“It’s time to change how digital marketing services are offered to businesses. There is a need for a new business model. Let’s finally solve the challenges businesses face when trying to grow online,” Mathew told Stittsville Central. “We have worked with some amazing companies who had great potential, but previously struggled to see much improvement in terms of online growth. Their past approaches to digital marketing saw the misuse and mismanagement of resources. Our goal is to eliminate these issues.”

myMarketing is now on track to reach $300K in its second year. At this rate, it could be one of the fastest-growing companies in Ottawa! The growth the company experienced this past year also speaks to how much digital marketing solutions are needed to adapt to accommodate the new realities businesses face.

Similar to other business activities, companies need to continuously optimize and improve their online platforms, especially in the age of COVID-19. Statistics Canada has reported that even though many physical stores have reopened, a growing number of consumers are still opting to shop online. In fact, online retail sales more than doubled in 2020.

It is remarkable to learn that this innovative start-up out of Kanata has grown both in staff and sales numbers over the past year. Mathew, Maxime and Paul must be proud of their accomplishment. We wish them every success for the year to come.

myMarketing provides businesses with a comprehensive, no-commitment, monthly digital marketing subscription. For more information, visit the myMarketing website at or send an email to


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