Ontario government eliminating fees for police record checks for volunteers

The Ontario government is making it easier to volunteer with the elimination of the cost of police record checks for volunteers of all ages looking to give their time and skills to the causes they care about. This includes Criminal Record Checks and Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Checks, which are commonly required by organizations that work with volunteers.

Beginning April 1, 2022, amendments to the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 will remove the fee for these two types of police record checks, making it easier for Ontarians to support: animal shelters, food banks, emergency response initiatives, and many more organizations in their communities. Volunteers can also receive up to five copies of these types of police record checks for free, making it easier to apply to multiple volunteering positions.

Prospective volunteers will still need to pay any fees charged by police services for Vulnerable Sector Checks, which are considered the most thorough type of police record checks and require a comprehensive search of national and local police databases.

Cathy Taylor, Executive Director of the Ontario Nonprofit Network said at the press conference, “The Ontario Nonprofit Network is pleased to see the elimination of fees for certain levels of police record checks for volunteers. Volunteers are vital to our communities through nonprofit organizations across Ontario. We know communities could not function without the supportive web of nonprofits that contribute to our quality of life. This has been even more evident during the pandemic.”

Volunteers enrich our communities and making it free to get police record checks is a tangible way our government is making it easier for Ontarians to give back,” said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. “Taking fees out of the equation will benefit charities and organizations that rely on the helping hands of volunteers, as well as senior volunteers with fixed incomes.”

This change will make it easier than ever to participate in initiatives like Volunteer Corps Ontario, which is currently recruiting and training volunteers to help their communities during emergencies like natural disasters.

The amendments expand the Lieutenant Governor in Council’s regulation-making authority to prescribe requirements for how police services conduct police record checks for volunteers, and how long a police record check for a volunteer for a prescribed purpose could be relied upon.


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