Open data part of Ottawa’s smart city 2.0 strategy – be a Beta tester

As part of the City of Ottawa’s Smart City 2.0 StrategyOpen Ottawa, you now have the opportunity to be their Beta testers. 

The City wants to engage the public to build data solutions for the betterment of Ottawa. They want to improve and provide new ways to deliver their services while increasing transparency and accountability.

The City is using digital channels to:

  • Listen to you,
  • Understand your data needs,
  • Learn how you are using data to solve civic issues, and
  • Get your insights on the usability and inclusiveness of our website.

The City provides free access to data and information through its Open Ottawa data portal want to hear your ideas on how to improve the portal and what data sets you would like to see. Your feedback is being gathered until the end of August. You can provide your comments at —

Based on feedback from the community and internal testing, in September 2019, it will be determined if the beta Open Ottawa website can be moved to production and the existing website can be retired.

All of the feedback on the site is publicly posted as the City’s goal is to deliver open and transparent stakeholder engagement.


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