Open house November 2 at Moore Chiropractic Health Centre

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Moore Chiropractic Health Centre is having an Open House on Saturday November 2nd from 10:00 to 2:00. This is a great opportunity to come and meet all of the health professionals at Moore Chiropractic and discover how they can help you.

It’s been a busy year at our clinic. We have a new Registered Massage Therapist Marc Leduc, who specializes in Active Release Technique and sports injuries. Our other Massage Therapist, Inna Roumiantseva, has also become a fully certified Acupuncturist.

The Open House will be very interactive and you will definitely learn more about the level of your health.

  • Learn about your spinal health with a complimentary spinal evaluation with Dr. Moore or Dr. Deprez
  • Have a complimentary soft tissue assessment and learn about Active Release Technique with Registered Massage Therapist Marc Leduc
  • Learn about Acupuncture and how it can help with Inna Roumiantseva
  • Healthy eating tips and informative presentations on personalized nutrition with nutritionist Andrea Bartels
  • Gait analysis and complimentary foot biomechanics assessment with Carol Moore
  • Refreshments and great tasting “healthy” snacks.

We would love to see you there and all our welcome. Every person attending the Open House will be entered into our draw for a day at Le Nordik spa for two.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic started in 1895 in Davenport Iowa by Canadian D.D. Palmer. It started when he restored the hearing of a deaf man after correcting the alignment of his upper neck. From that time a principle was laid down that spinal misalignment can interfere with the flow of the nervous system and affect function in the body, and if proper alignment and function is restored to the spine with a Chiropractic adjustment, the body will heal itself from the inside-out.

This principle remains true today and everyday we see great results when we correct the function of the spine. We have a focus on the upper cervical spine at Moore Chiropractic and specialize in a technique called NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). Dr. Moore has been in practice for 26 years and was lead to the NUCCA technique after seeing great health improvements with his patients, when the upper neck alignment was corrected. We find that the upper neck can have a profound influence on the nerve system and when we restore proper alignment to this area the affects can be very far reaching. Conditions such as headaches, dizziness, postural imbalance, chronic fatigue, lowered resistance, back pain and many other conditions can do very well after a NUCCA chiropractic correction.

There are tell tale signs that the upper neck is out of alignment that can be seen with a Chiropractic assessment such as; postural imbalance presenting as head tilt, shoulder and hip unlevelling and leg length imbalance, muscular imbalance along the spine, joint restriction and tenderness upon palpation, and many other signs. We will be doing these assessments at our Open House on November 2nd. We would love to meet you and see if we can help you regain your health and/or continue in good health.


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