Open House planned for proposed Stittsville South subdivision

The City of Ottawa has received a revised draft plan of subdivision for the Stittsville South development that includes some significant changes over previous plans.  The City of Ottawa is holding an open house on June 3 to provide an overview of the proposed development.

City Councillor Shad Qadri posted the following info to his web site about the plan:

A revised Draft Plan of Subdivision was submitted in the Spring of 2015 for the lands known as Stittsville South municipally known as 1845, 1877, 1883 and 1921 Stittsville Main Street, Part of 6070 Fernbank Road, Part of 5993 Flewellyn Road, and one additional unaddressed contiguous parcel.  The application file number is D07-16-13-0033.

The site is the western portion of the lands within the Stittsville South Urban Expansion Area (Area 6). Surrounding the property, to the north is the Upcountry/West Wind Farms subdivision and to the west across Stittsville Main Street is the Traditions/Harris Lands subdivision.  To the south is the Woodside Acres country estate, and to the east is the remaining land of the Urban Expansion Area 6.

A public meeting to discuss the revised plans will be held on Wednesday, June 3 with an Open House starting at 7pm and Presentation at 7:30pm in Hall A of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex located at 1500 Shea Road.

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. If you require special accommodation, please call 613-580-2476 or e-mail before the meeting.

Overview of the changes made to the Draft Plan of Subdivision

Unit Count 

  • The number of detached dwellings within the proposed subdivision has been increased to meet the City’s unit mix requirements.  The total number of high density units has been increased in order to achieve the minimum density requirement of 34 units/net ha, as set out in the City’s Official Plan.  The table below provides a summary of the unit count changes from the previous Draft Plan submissions and the revised May 2015 submission:
Draft Plan Detached Dwellings Townhouses Terrace Homes/Apartments Total Units
Original Submitted  December 2013 309(47.5%) 269(41.4%) 72(11.1%) 650
Revised SubmissionOctober 2014 300(43.8%) 242(35.4%) 142(20.8%) 684
Revised Submission May 2015 338(52.0%) 160(24.6%) 152(23.4%) 650

Roads & Access

  • Street One has been redesigned to a collector standard with a 20-metre right-of-way and sidewalks on both sides of the street.
  • The easterly road connection to Hartsmere Drive has been moved to the block across from the existing park on Hartsmere.  Shifting this connection will maintain neighbourhood continuity, while minimizing the potential for cut-through traffic on Arrowwood Drive and minimizing potential conflicts with the existing school on Hartsmere Drive.

SWM & Parks 

  • The revised Draft Plan meets the total parkland requirement for the proposed development (2.17 ha required, 2.18 ha provided).  The westerly park has increased in size. The easterly park has been reconfigured and relocated to abut the SWM pond, providing a regular shape with good visibility and frontage from two public streets.
  • The SWM pond has been enlarged and reconfigured to address City engineering comments.

If you have any questions or comments on this application please feel free to contact myself and the City Planner, Lily Xu at 613-580-2424 ext 27505 or .

For more information you can review the reports by searching the City’s development applications website at

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