OPEN LETTER: thank you to the Ottawa health team at Eva James Memorial Centre

Just in the past few days, both my wife and I were able to obtain our first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. We were booked through the Ontario booking system, and we received our shot at the Eva James Centre in Kanata.

I felt compelled to write this letter to share our experience, and to also acknowledge the tremendous efforts of every single person we encountered that day at the Centre. From the time we entered the parking lot to the time we left the facility, the level of detail, organization, care and professionalism we received was simply incredible. From the bylaw staff and paramedics to the front reception and greeters to the nurses and doctors who were administering the vaccines, the level of care, precision and friendliness could not have been better. We had a family physician deliver our vaccines to us, and she was simply fantastic in every way possible. The entire experience could not have been better or more efficient.

We often find fault in programs and services we receive at all levels of government – and often it is justified. In such cases those shortcomings should be pointed out and identified. The same also holds equally true in circumstances where the total opposite is the case. The local roll-out of the vaccine program at the Eva James Centre is one such example. I cannot say enough about all of those hard working staff we met that day, and I want to extend to each of them our thanks for the job they are all doing for our community.

So thank you to everyone, from the first gentlemen who greeted us as we pulled into the parking lot that morning, to the person who checked us out as we left. Your service and level of dedication to this community has not and should not go unrecognized. Thank you to all the first responders, support staff, nurses and doctors present that day.

We all owe you a great debt of thanks for your efforts, and your unwavering support to this community.


Allan Ryan


3 thoughts on “OPEN LETTER: thank you to the Ottawa health team at Eva James Memorial Centre”

  1. Reference Allan Ryan,
    My wife & I experienced the same level of professional help at Eva James Center✌️
    Everyone was helpful ✌️
    Robb & Lynne Rowe

  2. My husband and I have received 2 shots at Eva James and had the same experience! Absolutely wonderful staff and process – we highly recommend!

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