Ottawa Fire Services – health and safety vital when attending calls

(Lieutenant David André of Ottawa Fire Services shares a public service message on appearance when they attend calls. Photos: Ottawa Fire Services)

During this difficult time, Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) wants to do their part by conserving valuable medical supplies for our hospitals — doctors, nurses and frontline healthcare workers. They are sharing this public service message.

As emergency responders, the OFS is equipped with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) which use compressed air. The public usually sees fire fighters wearing the gear when at a fire scene. You may now see them using this same equipment as they attend to calls that require patient contact for their own health and safety.

Ottawa Fire say it is not necessarily a new look, just a new use of our same equipment.

OFS have prepared this video in both English and French to inform Ottawa residents on what firefighters may look like at various incidents in the upcoming weeks and months.

Please take the time to watch their short video to keep up-to-date on Ottawa Fire Service.


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