LIFE’S A DITCH: Ottawa Fire called to the rescue

Ottawa Fire Services helped out with three cars in ditches this morning, at least couple of them just south of Stittsville.  Here’s a news release that they sent out earlier today.

Ottawa Fire Services responded to three different calls this morning involving vehicles in ditches. The incidents did not require extrications and persons were removed safely without the use of extrication tools. We want to take this opportunity to remind motorists to drive carefully in foggy, icy or wet conditions. In addition, here are some helpful tips that may be helpful for those involved in a crash or in a loss of control of their vehicle. If ever you find yourself in a vehicle that has rolled over or find yourself unable to exit a vehicle after an incident, here are things to remember:

· Keep your seatbelt on if possible until firefighters arrive, especially if you happen to be upside down. You don’t want to fall and further injure yourself or someone else who is in the vehicle with you.

· Call 9-1-1 if you are able to. Tell the Dispatcher that you are trapped in your vehicle. Answer their questions as best as you can and follow their instructions.

· Remain calm. Monitor your breathing and try to take deep soothing breaths. Remember if you remain calm this will greatly help others in the car stay calm as well.

· If your airbags have deployed/inflated there will likely be a bit of powder released in the vehicle. Sometimes people mistake this powder as smoke. This powder is normal and not toxic. It may slightly irritate your eyes initially but tear drops usually help rinse the irritant away.

· Wait for instructions from emergency crews. There will be firefighters on scene shortly and one of them will become your “coach” throughout the rescue. Listen to their commands attentively. They will be your guide and help you through the emergency.

· Please remember that your safety is our priority and your cooperation is crucial during an emergency. Remember firefighters want to get you out safely but quickly.


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