Parents meet with Yasir Naqvi on public high school issue

Here’s part of an email shared today by parents who want a new public high school built in Stittsville.

As a follow-up to the OCDSB Board Meeting in June, members of the Stittsville Public High School Now met with Yasir Naqvi, the MPP for Ottawa Centre on Monday. This is part of our ongoing efforts to build awareness with and educate key influencers at both the political and staff levels about our survey results and ongoing efforts to get a public high school in Stittsville.

The meeting was very productive as Yasir was impressed with the amount of data we had collected in our survey and he said that we had done a good job building the business case for why a public high school is needed. He also now has a better appreciation of the historical context and we were able to answer any questions he had directly.

As a result of the meeting, he is going to try and get us additional information regarding the timeline for the decision and any other details that he is able to share with us. As well, he promised to take our presentation directly to the Minister of Education’s Chief of Staff so that they have access to all the information as the decision is being made.

You can get a copy of the presentation we shared with Yasir in our Resources section of the website. It’s an expanded version of what we presented at the OCDSB meeting.


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