Petition launched by Fernbank-Blackstone association opposing Robert Grant re-zoning

City staff are now reviewing the Lépine Group re-zoning amendment to allow an 18-storey building on the site of 1000 Robert Grant Avenue — more than doubling the height proposed in the original submission. In response, the Blackstone-Fernbank Crossing Community Association has launched a petition opposing this increase in tower height.

Katie Hughes of the Blackstone-Fernbank Crossing Community Association is leading the petition endeavour to gather signatures opposing the zoning change, with residents assisting in the effort. The residents are attentively monitoring the proposal and are concerned about the compatibility of an 18-storey structure in the neighbourhood. A nine-storey building was initially proposed for the development. Katie would like to see more volunteers assisting with the canvassing of the area to gather signatures. If you wish to join the group to canvass, you can download the petition here.

The petition emphasizes the fact that there is no current infrastructure in place to accommodate the increased number of residents; Robert Grant Avenue and Livery Street being single lane roadways in each direction would cause increased traffic and congestion; current residents experience insufficient parking with on-street parking leading to problems for emergency vehicles accessing any situations whereby police, fire or ambulances would be required; garbage issues; and, inadequate hydro services to maintain the development. Transit service is a point of contention as well, since the proposed transit station is not expected to be built, at best, in 10-years time. The petition calls for the developer to be responsible for these necessary improvements and not through residential taxes.

The Stittsville Village Association (SVA) has indicated their opposition to the zoning change. President, Tanya Hein, indicated that for a number of reasons the SVA is not in favour, “utter lack of compatibility with the rest of Stittsville, our significant infrastructure deficit, and the fact that progression of rapid transit to Stittsville is, ironically, moving at a snail’s pace”.

With respect to existing zoning requirements, Hein went on to say that, “we’d also, in general, like to see developers work within existing zoning as much as possible, and to minimize amendments. We don’t feel doubling up the allowable height indicates a willingness to respect the existing zoning and the surrounding community”.


9 thoughts on “Petition launched by Fernbank-Blackstone association opposing Robert Grant re-zoning”

  1. As for workign with current zoning is people appeal it anyways and take downtown some want to reduce the allowed height from 30 floors down to 2.

    1. Good Day Jayme, As for 4,000 houses or condos, my comment still holds –
      it is the density, narrow roads. Let us imagine each of those housing units has at least one car. Think on it.

    1. I agree and that brings us to the bigger elephant in the room, which is why aren’t our tax dollars resulting in completion of infrastructure projects like completing Robert Grant avenue and implementing rapid transit with park and rides along that corridor? The people running the city say there isn’t money, but with what we pay in taxes this doesn’t add up unless gross mismanagement is rampant.

  2. I really hope the petition works but I know from past experience that the planning committee (or zoning committee) will definitely allow this change. The more taxes the City can collect from the same footprint, the more reason they will say yes to the change. The surrounding farmlands will also have apartment buildings on them too, in under 20 years. What a loss.

  3. This an insult to the community. They saw the outrage back in March community meeting. Now Lepine is back with 18 storey building. Height, narrow roads, traffic, dense school-residential neighbourhood, lack of transit, etc – there are so many issues. What a shame, if the City allows this to happen despite the fierce opposition from the community. Current Mayor and Councillor will not have my vote for re-election anymore, if this goes forward! I have lost my confidence in my public consultation process that city does.

  4. This proposal is simply unacceptable. Lepine has two options here. Either build within the existing zoning limits or sell property to someone else. I hope that the city officials listen.

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