Petition launched in support of farmers’ market at Village Square Park

UPDATE: Click here for more about the initiative to bring a farmers’ market to Stittsville…

Suzanne Bird, the owner of the old log building at Village Square Park, has launched a petition in support of a farmers’ market at Village Square Park:

“Please add your signature and support for a Farmers Market being held in the Stittsville Village Square Park. In the last year there has been a growing voice from residents in social media for the Village Square Park, corner of Main St and Abbott St East, becoming a hub for community events in Stittsville.”

“In order to move forward with proposals to the City Of Ottawa planning committee and to our local councillor, we are looking to show the support in an official document representing the voices of residents in Stittsville. Current zoning changes have opened the opportunity for the Village to have a Farmers Market at this location, but in order for this to be approved with the City and to become reality, it is important to show on paper the support for this location versus the other locations in Stittsville.”

More to come…



6 thoughts on “Petition launched in support of farmers’ market at Village Square Park”

  1. We need strength, we need brain. We need a lot of energy if we’re gonna make Village Square great again!!!

  2. Does this mean the log building will remain? I don’t want to vote for a Farmer’s Market and then lose the building to parking or other reasons.

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