PHOTO: Gas at 99.9 … no wait, 98.9!

When’s the last time gas in Stittsville was under a dollar?

Photographer Barry Gray sent along this pic earlier this afternoon.  Then a few minutes later he sent me another note: “Just filled up at the PetroCan at Hazeldean and Carp Road…….$098.9”

Gas at 99.9. Photo by Barry Gray



1 thought on “PHOTO: Gas at 99.9 … no wait, 98.9!”

  1. 98.4 at the Ultramar in Stittsville this morning, good for the pocket book, bad for green energy development.

    One interesting thing is why the dramatic jump in gas prices over a day. Typically the price of gas is set the night before and doesn’t fluctuate until the end of the trading day, however around Stittsville you will often find prices jumping quite a bit during the day. Usually more costly during the morning than the afternoon. Seems the gas station retailers are playing a bit of a cat and mouse game with drivers.

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