PHOTO: Gas station on Palladium changes from Ultramar to Esso

August 26, 2015 - gas station at Palladium and Huntmar goes from an Ultramar to an Esso

The gas station at the corner of Palladium and Huntmar has been temporarily shut down as crews convert it from an Ultramar to an Esso. We tried calling the gas station today but we keep getting a busy signal.  Will the Country Style donut shop be converted to a Tim Hortons?

UPDATE: Like a really efficient pit stop, the gas station was open again as of Wednesday evening as an Esso.


3 thoughts on “PHOTO: Gas station on Palladium changes from Ultramar to Esso”

  1. Better control over price fixing I’m guessing. I wonder why the gas prices in the west end usually tend to be higher than in some other places. I’ve seen price differences nearing 10 cents at times. I suggest people fight back using the gasbuddy phone app, or their website. It tells you where the best prices are found, and it tries to predict if the prices are going to rise or fall. You can then plan accordingly.

  2. In Gatineau, the Ultramar gas station on Lorrain Blvd at Des Fleurs (near exit 150 of Highway 50), has been converted to Esso within 2 days (July 3-4). Couche-Tard convenience store has not been changed. I guess this is a corporate move.

  3. Oddly enough, some years later there’s a sign above the pumps saying they’re going back to being an Ultramar (Nov 2021)

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