PHOTO: Wedding photos at Village Square Park

Wedding at Village Square Park. Photo by J. Baillie

We were getting lunch at Quitters, when an OC Transpo bus stopped next door. Out came a wedding party, who walked over to Village Square Park and stopped in front of the old log house for some photos. (Photo courtesy of J. Baillie)

UPDATE: The bride and groom are Sarah and Trevor Kennedy. Sarah writes: “I happen to be the very lucky bride in that photo. My handsome groom Trevor Kennedy is a real prince. Thanks for all the great thoughts and comments! We had an amazing, unforgettable day. BEST day of our lives. Didn’t my girls rock those outfits?”

This pic was posted to Stittsville Neighbours on Saturday afternoon and within a few hours has over 200 likes, which is likely the most popular photo ever on the group.


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