PHOTOS: Remembrance Day 2020 in Stittsville

The Stittsville Legion held their annual Remembrance Day ceremony with a diminished group in attendance, but the honour to our Veterans and thoughts of our Military families was ever-present.

This year there was no parade nor Stittsville residents lining the parade route, no crowded parking lot or bleachers – this did not take away from the memories in our hearts and minds. Upon arrival this Remembrance Day at the Stittsville Cenotaph, one was met by the many painted rocks and poppies that the youth of Sacred Heart had strategically placed on the hearth of the memorial. The rocks were adorned with poppies and white crosses in memory of those who had gone before us.

Jordan McConnell, our community bagpiper, performed the Piper’s Lament – a traditional performance which originally mimicked the sounds of women and children crying over their dead . Barb Van’Slot delivered the opening tribute to the audience. Legion members laid wreaths for the Unknown Soldier; Governments of Canada and Ontario; and, various businesses and organizations from Stittsville. Councillor Glen Gower was present to lay the City of Ottawa wreath on behalf of the people. Youngsters Dylan and Austen presented their homemade wreaths of Thanks and presented them to the foot of the Cenotaph.

Edna Marlow was present. She was a member of the Goulbourn Township Historical Society committee who were instrumental in bringing the Stittsville War Memorial to the Cenotaph. The idea for such a memorial was initiated by Stittsville resident Valerie Wright. The Memorial was created to honour the men of former Goulbourn Township who fought and lost their lives in World Wars I and II.


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  1. I Went over for 2 p.m., the ceremony was short but very nice. People were there, a piper, and the President, Barbie Vanslot, of The Stittsville Legion read a poem and said a few words. Quite a few wreaths were laid. Two young boys made wreaths and placed them there. Two handmade wooden crosses were on our new cenotaph plaque, a few little flags and a poppy. Took about half an hour and was quite lovely in the warm November sunshine, could even hear people playing tennis on the courts. Our Creighton Boys and the other brave souls were smiling.

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